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London plane nesting tables

Nesting tables - front viewNesting tables - detail of dovetail jointsNesting tables - three-quarters view

Nesting tables - pair of tables side-by-side

Nesting tables - drawer and lower table extended

Pair of nesting tables in London plane with sycamore drawer interior

These little tables were designed and made for a guest bedroom in a Victorian house and can 'nest', or slot into each other, when they aren't in use. With storage for visitors' keys, books, phones and iPads and a durable finish to withstand spills from mugs or water jugs, they're very practical, while the Arts and Crafts-style exposed joints add a pleasing decorative touch.

The very striking timber comes from the 200-year-old London plane tree (Platanus x acerifolia) that I milled and air-dried back in 2010, which had grown a very short distance from the clients' house. The dark 'lacewood' flecks are exposed when the wood is deliberately quartersawn at a tangent to the heart of the tree.

The insides of the drawers, though, are in English sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus), a pale timber traditionally chosen for drawer interiors.

For a detailed breakdown showing all the stages of construction, take a look at my project diary.

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