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Oak office desk with dovetailed drawer cabinet

Dovetailed oak desk - front view with drawer cabinetDovetailed oak desk - dovetailed top of drawer cabinet

Dovetailed oak desk - side viewDovetailed oak desk - front view without drawer cabinet

Dovetailed oak desk - three-quarters viewDovetailed oak desk - drawer cabinet

Office desk in solid English pippy oak with dovetailed drawer cabinet

This hand-made desk in solid pippy oak is the second of a suite of three commissioned for a busy office in London. It's got the same footprint as the related pegged oak desk and the quadrant oak desk but the design touches make it unique.

The desk incorporates a free-standing drawer cabinet made with 48 hand-cut dovetail joints and drawer fronts displaying the characteristic 'cat's paw' knots of pippy oak. The drawer unit sits on a simple morticed and tenoned stand and can be kept under the desk or used as an elegant piece of furniture in its own right.

In the Arts and Crafts tradition, all the detailing in the piece comes either from the natural features of the timber or from the exposed joints. The upper rails are punctuated by the dark end-grain of the four ribs that help to support the heavy top, and the contrast is echoed by four matching end-grain tiles in the lower stretcher rail and by through tenons in the legs.

The pippy oak (Quercus robur) timber came from trees grown in Perton Wood in Staffordshire, outside Wolverhampton.

To find out more about how this piece was built, take a look at my project diary.

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