Jeff Segal Cabinetmaker - Handmade furniture in the Arts and Crafts tradition

London plane nesting tables

Walnut plinth - three-quarters view

Pair of nesting tables in London plane

These practical little tables incorporate fine Arts and Crafts detailing, with exposed dovetail joints and through tenons, and showcase the striking timber from a 200-year-old quartersawn plane tree.

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Walnut plinth

Walnut plinth - three-quarters view

Plinth for Dulwich Picture Gallery in solid English walnut

This public commission showcases a fine model of the 200-year-old gallery. Its classical design reflects the architecture but incorporates high-tech steerable wheels for moving the piece through the building.

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Elm coffee table

Elm coffee table - three-quarters view

Glass-topped coffee table in Scottish elm with sycamore drawers

This practical coffee table is also a showcase for small decorative objects. The two big drawers are integrated seamlessly into the design of the frame, and exposed dovetails in the top make a striking feature.

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Cherry bedside cabinets

Pair of cherry cabinets

Bedside cabinets in solid English cherry with veneered cherry panels

Hand-made throughout, these classic cabinets in wild cherry feature typical Arts and Crafts touches in the detailing. like the exposed dovetails of the drawers and the pegged tenons in the doors.

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Half-timbered pippy oak desk

Half-timbered oak desk - three-quarters front view

Office desk in solid English pippy oak with half-timbered panels

Inspired by the vernacular half-timbering used in 16th century house-building, this piece features five identical panels each made up of four quadrants (quarter-circles). They lend it a mediaeval look and feel.

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Dovetailed pippy oak desk

Dovetailed oak desk - side view

Office desk in solid English pippy oak with dovetailed drawer cabinet

This desk incorporates a free-standing drawer cabinet built with hand-cut dovetail joints. Subtle decorative touches highlight the construction details of the piece and the beauty and character of the timber.

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Pegged pippy oak desk

Pegged oak desk - top view

Office desk in solid English pippy oak with pegged joints

This desk combines influences from the English and American Arts and Crafts movements with engineering that draws on traditional timber framing techniques. The desktop displays a swirl of 'cat's paw' knots.

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Sussex pine desk

Pippy oak desPine desk three-quarters view

Office desk in solid Scots pine with pegged joints

This desk uses hand-cut three-way joints for strength and decoration. The construction methods echo traditional carpentry techniques but the exposed joinery and the bright timber give it a fresh and original look.

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Curved pippy oak desk

Pippy oak desk, side view

Desk in solid English pippy oak with two drawers

This big, heavy desk relies on complex geometry and an intricate infrastructure. Yet the completed piece, with its wide curves, gives an impression of simple honesty, like the rugged pippy oak used to make it.

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English cherry bookcase

Cherry bookcase thumbnail

Bookcase in solid English cherry with cedar of Lebanon panels

This is a completely hand-crafted piece in solid wood throughout. It uses traditional through dovetail and mortice and tenon joints for the main carcases and all the gently curved mouldings are hand-cut.




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Walnut side table

Walnut table thumbnail

Side table in solid walnut with burr walnut and satinwood veneers and ebony beading

This is a technically complex show piece which uses two exotic woods - satinwood and Macassar ebony - alongside American black walnut. The satinwood veneer is cross-banded in the traditional Sheraton style.


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Pippy oak secretaire

Oak secretaire thumbnail

Secretaire in pippy oak with fall flap and two glazed doors

This little writing desk is designed to be hung on a wall. The flap drops to form a small surface for writing letters. There are four shelves inside that can store stationery or display ornaments.

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Brown oak mirror

Brown oak mirror thumbnail

Mirror stand in brown oak with Gothic quatrefoil piercing

Modest detailing - the use of bevel-edged glass and the Gothic-style piercings in the supports - adds charm and character to a simple dressing table mirror.


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Elm wall cabinet

Elm wall cabinet thumbnail

Wall cabinet with drop-down door in solid elm and cluster elm veneer

The carcase of this simple cabinet features cluster elm veneer, where swirling patterns of grain surround islands of tiny knots. The door, made from solid elm, drops forward to reveal a veneered interior.

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Rosewood bookcase restoration

Rosewood bookcase thumbnail

Restoration of contemporary bookcases in rosewood

This project demanded the use of Madagascan rosewood to match the original bookcase tops which had warped and split. The replacements were carefully constructed by hand to avoid any similar damage in future.

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Maple wall cabinet

CD cabinet thumbnail

CD cabinet in solid maple with glazed door

This wall-hung cabinet has an insert designed to hold a CD collection - although the CD slots could be replaced with conventional shelving to display bigger pieces.


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Scots pine bookcases

Pine bookcases thumbnail

Bookcases in Scots pine

These three matching bookcases, built with traditional revealed joints, stand together on a mitred and tenoned plinth. The shallow shelves are designed to fit most paperbacks and take up little floor space.


Cherry side table

Cherry table thumbnail

Side table with single drawer in black cherry solids and veneer

This plain Shaker-style table includes a dovetailed drawer with sides in contrasting sycamore. The top is veneered in cherry in four matching triangles.


Knock-down maple cabinet

Maple knock-down cabinet thumbnail

Knock-down cabinet in maple veneer

This cabinet uses the same construction technology as contemporary kitchen units but features a sophisticated curved door. It could be used either in the kitchen or bathroom.



Ramin dining table

Ramin table thumbnail

Dining table in ramin with ceramic tile insert

This small four-seater table has a tiled top, which is easy to keep clean and avoids scratches and dents. The maroon of the tiles provides a visual contrast with the ramin frame.