Jeff Segal Cabinetmaker - Handmade furniture in the Arts and Crafts tradition


Jeff Segal portrait
Photo by Justin Lambert

About me

I trained at the London College of Furniture (now part of London Metropolitan University) and graduated with a distinction in 2007 after two years full-time study. I’d previously done a number of shorter courses in cabinetmaking over the years, studied the Arts and Crafts movement and made furniture in my spare time.

My work was recently featured as the cover story in Good Woodworking magazine.

I've lived in Southwark, South London, for 30 years, most of that time in the neighbourhood between Herne Hill and Dulwich.

See me on YouTube

You can watch me in a series of YouTube videos explaining how to cut and store your own timber. The first one looks at how we tackled a 10-tonne London plane tree; the second is about assembling a Lucas saw mill; the third shows how to maximise the amount of quarter-sawn timber you can produce; and the fourth points out the dangers of wartime shrapnel when you're sawing logs.

Read more about the urban forestry project on my timber page.

My background

Cabinetmaking goes back a long way for me. My grandmother’s family made furniture in Poltava, Ukraine, and set up workshops in Bethnal Green, Shoreditch and elsewhere in the East End after arriving in London 100 years ago. Their surname – Stolyer in Russian – translates directly as joiner or cabinetmaker.

But I spent most of my career in journalism, including 22 years at Reuters news agency as a reporter and editor. It wasn’t until 2005 that I left full-time journalism to take up cabinetmaking as a profession.